Monday, September 2, 2013

My Personal Blog

Hello Lovely Readers!!

So, I have recently got back in to blogging on my personal blog. It's mainly stuff about my life and just cute little things coming from your's truly. The URL is: 

So, go check it out! And if you like it, don't be shy!! Stick around and read it.

Okay, now my shameless self-promotion is over :) 

My Perfect Schedule

Okay, this will be a quick, short, and no-complaining post. In fact, it's quite a happy one. Why, might you ask? Read the title of this post. It's time to talk about my eighth grade class schedule. By the way, school also starts for me in two days.

1st Period: 8th Grade Math with a teacher whom I have heard is quite strict, but teaches math well. She doesn't allow gum in her classroom :( but oh well. In all honesty, I am excited to have her as a teacher.
2nd Period: Earth Science. Rocks. And Fossils. And such. I heard from someone that we got to do something with astrology. I have always loved the stars. They are millions of light years away, but you can still see them. The ultimate you-can-look-but-can't-touch. Plus, I have the cutest galaxy print backpack from the store PINK by Victoria's Secret.
3rd Period: Child Psychology. The room for this class is SO COOL. It doubles as the Food Science room, so it's like a giant kitchen. I haven't heard anything about the teacher, she's new to our school. The course description sounded really fascinating, so I thought, why not? What's the harm, it's only a semester long class!
4th & 5th Period: Advanced Humanities. This is a two-year commitment class. I took the first year in 7th grade, and this year will be my last year. The class is a blend of history and language arts, except at a faster pace with more advanced work than the regular course. Last year we studied World History, and this year we are studying U.S. History. I've never been a huge fan of U.S. History, but I am open to discovering new things. Plus, the teachers make it fun..most of the time (Cornell notes on the other hand...not so much)
6th Period: French 1. I am both excited and nervous for this class. They teach it in a method called "full-emerge," so on the first day, the teacher speaks French, and rarely speaks English. I guess there have been studies showing that this method is one of the better ways to teach it.

So, that's all for me right now! I will try to post either on the first day of school, when I get home, or on Friday, when I've had 3 full days of school.

TTYLBFFFL(Talk To You Later Best Friends Forever For Life),



hmmmm... about your post, I don't really know what to say. Social media is a tricky subject :), and I am not too experienced with it, honestly.
HOWEVER, I did get my 8th grade schedule last week and school starts the DAY AFTER TOMORROW!! Here's my NEW schedule...
1st period I have Honors SS with a cool teacher, or so I've heard.
2nd period I have Honors LA with a cool teacher who my brother had last year. She is awesome from what I know.
3rd period I have Spanish 1. Calvin is taking Spanish 1, except at the high school, but I assume we'll be learning the same thing. I also get to choose a Spanish name.
4th period is Math/ Algebra 1. :) I have been told this will be interesting. I am looking forward to Algebra AND I bought that cool fancy calculator a couple days ago... I haven't come up with a name for it yet.
5th period- P.E., with is the same period as last year AND my locker is on the way so I can't complain.
6th is science where I will learn about rocks, and more, I hope.

...SO, I really think I need two more weeks of summer. JUST 2 MORE WEEKS, and then I will be super ready for school. My summer went WAY TOO FAST. I feel like school just ended. It DID! Well, there's not much I can do about it, so here I come 180 days of SCHOOL!
Also, I've heard rumors that next year the 9th graders will go to the school at the high schools instead of the junior highs. This means that both Zinni and I will (if the rumor's fact) go to the high school next year. Is that scary? Let's just survive 8th grade first.

School, here I come, Rhodo

Friday, August 16, 2013


Okay, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with my personal life, but it is something that just makes everybody annoyed. You could be Sally Sunshine of Candyland, USA, but when you see these people pop up on your Facebook news feed, or your Instagram feed, or you Twitter feed, or at that Spaghetti Feed you're going to later tonight (yes, I will explain this, you just have to keep reading, don't you ;) ), your Mood-o-Meter's reading drops at least 10 points. So, without further ado, let me rant by writing paragraphs about the annoying people I find on social media.

  • The Desperate Single Girl: You can recognize her. She's the one who is always sharing those pictures about romantic things that she wants to do with her future boyfriend. She can also turn on you. She will also post things like "If a man whistles at you, don't turn around. You are a lady, not a dog." That quote is perfectly fine, but after her posting all these things about how she needs a boyfriend to cuddle with her and keep her warm this winter, it gets annoying. Like, honey, go buy yourself a comfy sweater like the rest of us single people. Thanks.
  • The Person Who Still Uses Facebook on a Daily Basis: Let's face it. Facebook is old news. Instagram and Twitter are where it's at. They are the people posting status updates all the time. Please stop updating your status every five minutes. Nobody cares if you just ate a bagel.
  • #followforfollow, #likeforlike #shoutoutforshoutout #selfie #yolo #swag: THESE PEOPLE. I CAN'T EVEN GET IN TO THIS RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH. FIX YO LIFE.
  • 5 Times a Day: The people who post 5+ pictures a day. And even though they get barely any likes on their pictures, they continue to do it. And do it. And do it. Until eventually you unfollow them because you realized that you wasted precious data on scrolling through what seems like endless pictures from them when you open Instagram.
  • Instafamous for No Reason: They might be somewhat "attractive." But their "inner beauty" is comparable to the frog I had to dissect in science. Slimy, nasty, something you would love to throw away and not see again. They have tons of followers. Honey, no matter how many cool effects you put on those pictures, you can't photoshop your ugly personality.
Ok, I'm just getting angered now, so I will let you digest this. Let me know what you want to see next from good 'ol cheerleading Zinni.

-ZinDog (cool nickname right?)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ta Da

Well, I'm back on!! Here we go again and 8th grade starts in 22 days and 10 hours... excited? What's new? What I am looking forward to this school year:
  • Friends
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer
  • Track
  • Pretty cool teachers for 8th grade honors LA and SS
  • Spanish I- my older bro is taking the same class at the high school
  • Algebra (am I crazy?)   
Here's what I'm up to:
First off, I just got back from a lovely trip to Bozeman, MT. I was visiting a close friend I have up there. (I say UP because it is not the sea level that I am used to).
Second, I started another blog, only this one's a vlog and I have a different secret identity- name's Mitzi Mullinex. Check it out!
Third, I wrote a summer bucket list, BUT summer ends in 22 days and 10 hours sooooo, I am not going to put it up.
Third, I went to Girl's Camp again :)
Also, I played basketball for the first time in my LIFE. ha.
Lastly, for now, my brother got his learners permit. Come his birthday, he'll be able to DRIVE. hmmmm. 
    That's my summary, and not WE'RE BACK!

    Hopefully this blog does not reach the neglect from BOTH of us again. Maybe this time around we could have a couple guest posters or something.... We are busy teenage girls, you know :) ha. To everyone, I hope the best in the upcoming school year,
    Molly  RHODO!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

An Apology.

Dear all of Anonymously Ours's wonderful readers,

This is Zinni. Do you remember me? Probably not, because I have neglected this blog for so long. I had no excuse to. And I feel really bad. But, you're probably wondering what I have been up to. So, I'll tell you.

First off, I made my school's cheer squad. Go Raiders! I'm really excited! I even have my uniform! It's red, black, and white (our school colors), has our schools initials, and is really cute. I like it a lot! I even have sparkly pom poms! And our hair bows are huge. When I wear mine I either look like one of three things: a) one of those creepy, deranged children you see in the horror movies, b) a contestant on a Toddlers and Tiaras pageant, or c) your typical cheerleader. Mainly C.

Second, I passed all my finals with flying colors. I got a wooden airplane in science for having the highest score out of all the girls. My science teacher taught both 9th and 7th graders. So, ha, freshman!

Third, I did make another summer bucket list. It's a little more exciting than last years. But it is a little bit more personal, so I decided to not post it on the blog.

Fourth, I made myself an INSTAGRAM!! Do any of you have one? My name is @itsmaddieeee. You will finally be able to see what the real Zinni looks like, and a peek into my life. Lots of pics from this summer, too!

And fifth, my sincerest apology to my friend, Rhodo. I honestly am so sorry. I remember when we first got the idea for Anonymously Ours. And I was thrilled about it! I wanted to post everyday. And, as time went on, my posts were few and far between, and became non-existent. I have been a bad blogging friend (cue the sad music).

With cheer, school, and my social life (I sound like such a snob right there, don't I? I promise, I'm not! Pinky swear via the Internet), I'm not sure how many times I will post. And I know how bad this sounds, but I will try to post at least twice a month, maybe getting up to once a week. It just depends if I have anything interesting to share.

I won't forget about you guys again. Thanks to everyone who stuck with this blog. Thank you Rhodo for getting people to stick to this blog. So, everybody, on the next post that Rhodo posts, just comment: Thanks :). And I will too. I promise.

For now, that's all I have. So, goodbye for now, bloggersphere.
Over and out,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's Almost Summer

Well, I guess that Zinni and I have been caught up with school or something, but there's less than six weeks until it's summer. Whether this blog is successful is up to you to decide! Should we write two more bucket lists or keep blogging when the sun comes out? That's up for us to decide. So, if this is the last blog post that we write on out short peppy blog, or if it is one of the first, we'll have to see!

I'm looking forward to summer,


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rhodo's Back (With Little to Say)

I think I've reached the "slacker" status as far as putting up new posts goes. Life is just pulling me along every day. I can't think of much to say. It's actually pretty funny, because when I'm making up lost time with friends, I can't stop talking, but when you're sitting writing about your life, there isn't much you can remember. Oh, well. My mind is blank.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!!

It's that time of year. No haters or hecklers can bug me about how "it's not even Thanksgiving yet! No need to get excited about Christmas." BECAUSE HA!! IT'S AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! Today, we decorated my house, and tomorrow, we are going to go and get our Christmas tree. I was listening to the radio station today in the car that plays continuous Christmas music from Black Friday all the way through Christmas Day. I am so in the holiday spirit right now. I have my scarves and puffy coat downstairs, ready for the cold weather and school closures because of snow.

I'd have to say, the music is one of the best things about Christmas. You can't be upset or grumpy when you hear it because it's just so joyful. Here's the list of my top 5 favorite Christmas songs.

1. Let it Snow
2. Carol of the Bells
3. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
4. Jingle Bell Rock
5. Silver Bells.

Okay, I must name more! There are just too many good ones! How about this? You guys post your favorite Christmas/holiday songs in comments for blog posts like this one, and I'll be sure to post more of my favorites!

Ho Ho Ho!! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Some Updates From Rhodo

...Okay Zinni, not too fast. We all know that "Junior High" isn't a walk through rainbows. Yes it's great! Moving from class to class is thrilling! There's lots of people to meet and... things to do. The work is just right, but honestly, I am way more excited for next semester! Why? Sit tight and hang on for a ride.
  • My schedule will switch so that I have P.E.!
  • I will have math with my friend.
  • "Music" will be my Unified Arts class!! (For all of those who know me well probably are a bit confused. But let me just put it this way: It's better that "Keyboarding", the status quo. Oh, by the way, the Keyboarding teacher is fantastic, but sitting in front of a computer for sixth period isn't my ideal way to spend my time. Don't worry! I'll only have to endure it for one more quarter and I hope to be able to leave the class a speedy typist.)
  • Track is is the second semester. (And speaking of sports, for all you future Junior Highers, just go and try out! My biggest regret this year, so far, is not trying out for soccer. I know, like, half the team and it looks like so much fun! I should have should have should have SHOULD HAVE tried out.
So, as good as things are now, as great as my cubness is, I have a feeling it's just going to get better. The people are great and my favorite day is now Thursday. Why? We have a different group of people for lunch and like, everyone who was on the Cross Country team is there...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some Updates from Zinni

Well, we are quite a few weeks into the school year now, I am officially a Raider, Rhodo is officially a Cub. First quarter (and there are four in the school year), is over! We are already working on stuff for our student led conferences (eep!), and we have made so many new friends. We're definitely not in elementary school anymore.

Now let's talk lockers. I lucked out with a top locker, and seventh graders don't have to share lockers. It's the greatest. I have quotes from Pinterest taped up on the inside of my locker door. My collection is almost complete! I will take a picture and attempt to upload it to the blog once I'm done! I hear from some of my sources at Cub Junior High that Rhodo's locker is only four down from Banana Nut Muffin's (see older posts for more details on her). I feel really bad for the peeps with bottom lockers. So sorry guys!!

Second quarter is officially ago. I switched out of Drama (thank goodness), and now I am in Tech. Trust me, I thought what you were thinking, too. Computers, word processing, words-per-minute tests, that sort of thing. I was sure surprised when I heard that it was, actually, woodshop. Every junior high kid in every TV show has taken woodshop, so I feel a sense of nostalgia. The classroom is like a giant garage with power tools and wood. It reminds me of Home Depot. We sit on stools at square tables that have lots of scratches and dents in them. Right now, we're just talking general guidelines in the class, emergency procedures, that sort of thing. I'm pretty excited about it, actually. And, if you can't already tell, I'm not really a "tools, wood, screws, and nails" kind of girl.

What about you readers? Are you in junior high? Havin' similar experiences, or crazy ones of your own? That's it from me for now!

-Zinni <3

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween for a Cub

So half of the the school dressed up, and... the other half decided they would dress up as themselves. Lots of people find themselves board of Halloween, but that's not me yet! The top ten most awesome costumes today at school were:
  1. A gingerbread man
  2. A garden gnome
  3. Waldo
  4. A Unicorn
  5. Effie Trinket (there were a couple)
...okay, so I could only think of five. But there lots of witches, cats, vampires and Halloweeney costumes like that.
We staid pretty much on task- but it really depends on the class and it is Halloween. In Science, we're doing this "Alive of Not" lab and My teacher had this mushroom out yesterday... anyways, today it was infested in these worms and my teacher doesn't even know what they are. So cool, right?
I had a substitute in both Debate and Math, and we were as sane as any class will be on Halloween. As far as Language Arts and Social Studies go, my block class, my teacher really has things down. He gave us two tests- a cumulative spelling test and a Geography test. It's sure a way to get kids serious, or rather, calm.
Sixth period was wild, but that's because we decorated cookies and my teacher was all into the Halloween thing.
That's it for now...
In closing, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The First Ever Raider Junior High Spirit Week of the Year

So, the time has finally come. At Cub Junior High, they've already had one. From October 9th to October 12th is Raider JH's first spirit week. Here's the details on the days:

Tuesday-One Day I...: This day is basically about something that's gonna happen to you in the future. I am going to try to get my hands on my friend's graduation cap, gown, and valedictorian stuff for this day. My teacher even said: "If you wanna get creative, you could make a costume for 'One day I will be dead!" I saw a post on my Facebook News Feed saying "Do you think it would really be that bad if I dressed up as a hobo on Tuesday?" I will have to look and see if she does!

Wednesday-Classic Theme War: The ninth graders dress up as classic Disney characters, the eighth graders dress up as classic superheroes, and seventh graders dress up as classic TV characters. I've been pestering my mom about ideas for it. I could be Lucy from I Love Lucy! Or get some friends to dress up with me and be Charlie's Angels!? I don't know, but I think this will be the funnest day.

Thursday-Teach Me How To Snuggie/Ice Ice Baby: We're suiting up in our Snuggies, extreme winter gear, and ugly Christmas sweaters for this day. I am wearing my polka dot Snuggie that's not even made from the Snuggie brand, but is still really cool!

Friday-School Color Day: Ninth graders wear black, eighth graders wear white, and seventh graders wear red. Pretty simple.

Blogging is great! No MLA format or in text citations like we need in my Humanities in Depth block for almost everything. I can't complain, though, because it is really a great class. I continue to love my junior high experience, and can only hope for all of the crazy adventures ahead!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zinni's Side of the Computer Screen

It's been a while, hasn't it? My junior high experience has been fab! I love it so much more than elementary school! Here's the play-by-play

Periods 1-2: Humanities in Depth. This is the most challenging class,  but it is one of my favorites! It's called a block class, so I have it for two periods in a row instead of just one. MLA citations, taking notes on news articles and watching the news on TV at home, and two tough, no-nonsense teachers. They are really creative with their teaching, and my parents really like them, too.

Period 3: Leadership 7. It is such a fun class! We are already planning things for Spirit Week going from October 9th-12th. It's great that I have it right after HID because it's a break

LUNCH :) :)
Period 4: Life Science. I actually really like it! My teacher reminds me of a teacher that I had in elementary school. The curriculum is good, too!
Period 5: Math 2. My teacher is probably the best math teacher that I have ever had. He is great! Math is probably tied for my favorite class, and it's because he is such an awesomeazing teacher!
Period 6: Drama. Okay, so this is my least favorite class. I just don't like the teacher very much, and it's way too long of a story. However, a lot of the stuff we do in there is pretty fun, and I am in the class with lots of my friends.
Homeroom: I go back to my fourth period class for homeroom. I like it because I am in homeroom with people that I'm not in other classes with. It's great because I can do a little bit of my homework at school.
My bus is so much fun! All of the kids are silly and love to laugh! Junior high is such a fun adventure, and I can't wait for more!
To Rhodo: I hope you're having just as much fun as I am at junior high! How great is it? Everyone down at Raider Junior High says hi and misses having you in classes!!!!!
This is it from my side of the screen,
-Zinni :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

School Spirit (Which School, I'm really not Sure)

Yeah, it's me agian. I guess I just couldn't wait for Zinni to take her turn. This week was "spirit" week at school. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday there were spirit days...
       Wednesday brought back "old" memories of Elementary school days. It was "wear-your-hoodie-backwards-day" (officially, no, but that's what you end up with when the day is named "inside out and backwards day").
There's a back story going on here: You see, in sixth grade, this kid started to wear his hoddie backwards, along with a large amount of the fifth grade class and a handful of sixth graders. The fad lasted about two weeks, but I had flashbacks all day.
      Thursday was Raider Day. No one has spirit days where you dress up in your rival's colors. I mean, sportsmanship is a good thing, but asking the whole school to show pride in someone else's colors, I don't think so. Almost everyone called it Raider day- I even heard it from a teacher or two. It was officially checker bored day- where you're supposed to wear red and black so the whole school would look like a checker bored. Really, it was Raider day.
     Friday. Friday, Friday, Friday. It was traditional "dress-in-your-class's-color-day". Ninth graders wear white, eighth graders, grey, and sevvys- maroon. MAROON? Really. We lost that spirit day. And, it was my first pep-assembly. It wasn't really my cup of soda pop. Though, they only happen once a quarter, so I'll live...